101 of Toddler Care, Interaction, and Development


Dressing Toddlers with Sweetheart Bows

When a toddler starts to show interest in their clothes and accessories, it can be a good time to teach them about dressing up. Toddler accessories like Sweetheart Bows can be a good way to get your toddler involved in their dressing. You can let them pick out their favorite Sweetheart Bow or pick on out in their favorite color or color of the day. When our toddler is 2 or almost 3 years old, then they can start to pick out entire outfits for themselves and not just their Sweetheart Bows. When they pick out their clothes and accessories of choice, parents and guidance will still have to help them put the clothes on and teach them how to eventually do it themselves. Parents should also make sufficient time in the morning to dress their kids if they want the kid to be involved or pick out the clothes then they need to make time for the teaching process. In addition, parents can use the chance to bond with the kids and find out about their tastes and preferences in colors, clothes, food etc. This is also a good time to build the child’s confidence by praising them when they dress themselves correctly and also build their confidence by letting them choose their own clothes.

Teaching Toddlers to Use Utensils

As toddlers grow older, they will start to learn to feed themselves. At first, they’ll learn to feed themselves by picking up food from their plate or your pate with their bare hands and then as they get older, they will start to attempt to use cutlery and utensils. It’s best to get plastic spoons and forks for kids made especially for their small hands. They will start to hold onto these spoons and might try to use them. There will be funny moments of them holding the spoon or fork upside down and spilling the food or not being able to aim correctly at their mouth. But with practice, they will be able to get used to it and eventually start feeding themselves effortlessly while using utensils. Let them try to use utensils with easy to eat and easy to scoop food items that are not too messy.


Toddlers Helping With Chores

Letting toddlers help around the house with doing chores and with assisting you as you run errands is a good way to get them involved and to teach them how to follow instructions. You can start with telling them to clean up their toys by picking them from the ground and putting them in designated baskets or drawers. Then they can assist you in the kitchen with cooking and cleaning chores. They can also help with laundry by sorting laundry – give them a simple and straightforward laundry task like separating the colored form the whites, helping to carry folded sheets to the rooms etc.


Learning About Their Body

Everyone remembers a time in their childhood where they learned a song or nursery rhyme that taught them about their body parts. Teaching the toddler these songs will help them learn about their body and become more self-aware of other things. Not only learning about the body parts but what they do like uses of the hand, the mouth, the feet etc will help teach the babies more about themselves. You don’t have to wait till they start kindergarten or pre-nursery schooling for them to learn this, you can start to teach them at home with the songs you know from your childhood and from nursery rhyme DVDs or nursery rhyme videos available on youtube. As you repeat the names of the body parts touch it and have them mimic you – Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Eyes, Ears, Nose, and mouth. And over and over again. A great time to do this is when you’re giving them a bath.


Toys and Games for Toddlers

When buying toys for toddlers, parents don’t necessarily have to buy expensive toys. Rather the main focus should be on buying the toys that are most appropriate for the toddlers’ age and that will help the most in their development. There are a variety of toys that teach kids about shapes and colors, object permanence, how to reason, and how to put items that match together. These toys will help the child learn how to develop ideas, and even gain physical skills. Toys could also mean electronic toys like iPad for kid or computer games. Parents should give kids computer games that help them learn new things and practice their reasoning skills. There are lots of educational games that teach kids math and science topics while also making it fun for them. Just make sure the child does not spend too much time with their screens and that they go outside and play as well. Which leads to the next point


Social Interactions

It is important to let toddlers learn social interactions by letting them play with their peers. Take them to the playground or pack and have them spend time with other kids and learn values like sharing, making friends and being polite and considerate of others. Playing outside is also a chance for them to do some physical exercise and increase their agility and overall health.